Pensacola Attack: The Terrorists Didn’t ‘Just Snap’

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Entrance to the Pensacola base (Photo: Josh Brasted/Getty Images)
Entrance to the Pensacola base (Photo: Josh Brasted/Getty Images)

In the podcast below, counter-terrorism analyst Oz Sultan unpacks the events around the December 6 Pensacola terror attack by Mohammed Alshamrani, a Saudi Air Force aviation student who killed three and wounded eight when he open fired with a handgun.

Alshamrani was killed by sheriff deputies during the incident at Naval Air Station Pensacola. As the story unfolds, six other Saudis have been arrested, one of whom filmed the attack as it happened.

The attack put Islamist terror back on the radar in the U.S.

Among the victims was 19-year-old Airman Mohammed Sameh Haithman, a Muslim, as well as 21-year-old Airman Apprentice Cameron Scott Walter, and 23-year-old Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson.

How does the Pensacola terror attack impact US-Saudi relations and how should it change domestic efforts at preventing violent extremism?

The Pensacola terror attack and brought back memories of the Fort Hood attack, underscoring the need to have greater vigilance and security in all sectors including the armed forces.

Muslim Reformer and Navy veteran Dr. Zuhdi Jasser reminds us that we must continue to take radicalization and radical ideologies seriously.




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