Penis Severed for Allegedly Having a Girlfriend

Illustrative picture. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

A 14-year-old boy had his penis amputated and was blinded by a man who suspected him of having a sexual relationship with his daughter.

The incident took place in the Punjabi capital Lahore.

The main suspect, Hanif, gathered three accomplices, Amir, Ashfaq Azam and Waqar. They allegedly kidnapped the teenager from school, took him to a deserted place, chopped off his penis and stabbed his eyes.

The boy was later found and taken to a hospital. The boy was “robbed of his sight for the rest of his life but doctors managed to save his life,” according to a report filed with the police.

Although the incident took place in February, it has now received media attention since the family of the mutilated boy are protesting about it, demanding the police take action.


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