Muslim Activist: Political Correctness Fuels Extremism

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Sheikh Usama Hasan. (Photo: Screenshot from video)
Sheikh Usama Hasan. (Photo: Screenshot from video)

One of Britain’s leading experts in counter extremism has warned excessive political correctness is inadvertently increasing religious extremism, reported the Evening Standard. Forcing people not to talk about it leaves the vulnerable unable to address the causes of Islamic extremism and without adequate counter-arguments.

Dr. Usama Hasan is head of Islamic studies at the Quilliam Foundation, a counter extremism think tank which advises governments and publishes top-tier research on the roots of Islamic extremism. He is a noted theologian and has faced death threats from extremists for his stance on evolution.

Hasan made the remarks at the Turing House School during an event called Votes For Schools to encourage debate among young people.

“Stifling debate is dangerous. We know these ignorant or dangerous views exist, but if you ignore them they don’t go away,” Hasan said. “They fester. People feel a sense of frustration that they don’t have the freedom to express their views, which can lead to even more extreme views.”

“I disagree with no-platforming and safe spaces for universities. They are adults not children. There is a middle ground between political correctness going too far and the other side of the coin which is inciting hatred. You have to balance the two.”

Read Clarion Project’s interview with Dr. Usama Hasan here.




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