Palestinian TV Show for Kids Glorifies ‘Hero’ Stabbers

A children’s show on Palestinian TV featuring two young girls as the show’s hosts praises the Palestinian murderers of Jews as our “young heroes … who carried out all those great heroic acts.”

Many of the recent acts of terror – including stabbing attacks, car rammings and shootings – against Israelis have been committed by teenage perpetrators. Most recently, a 16-year old shot two teenagers Friday night at one of the holiest Jewish sites – the Cave of the Patriarchs – in Hebron.

Despite video footage to the contrary, the show's hosts also make the false claim that, "When the settlers see a Palestinian walking down the street, they throw a knife next to him and claim that he was trying to carry out a stabbing operation."

The television show– ironically called Grownup Kids – is one of the many examples of the incitement of Palestinian media targeted at children, a media that glorifies and condones brutal acts of violence and cultivates a cult of death that has become the signature component of Palestinian terrorism.

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