Palestinian Authority Defies US Over Terror Payments

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After the passage of the Taylor Force Act in Congress, which stops payments from U.S. tax dollars that the Palestinian Authority (PA) uses to compensate terrorists and their families, PA President Mahmoud Abbas vowed to continue the payments.

The act was named after army veteran Taylor Force who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist while on a university trip to Israel.

Meanwhile, it emerged that over $28 million of British aid money was given to Palestinian schools last year, despite knowledge by government ministers that the official curriculum incites students to violence and encourages them to become martyrs and jihadists.

A report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (Impact-SE) sites many instances where the curriculum “exerts pressure over young Palestinians to acts of violence”.

As detailed by The Sunday Times, the report include the following examples:

■ A science textbook for 12-year olds teaches Newton’s second law of physics using an image of a boy firing a slingshot at soldiers
■ A math textbook for nine-year olds asks students to calculate the number of martyrs in Palestinian uprisings
■ A social science textbook for nine-year olds shows children in a classroom looking at an empty desk bearing the sign “the martyr”
■ A textbook for pupils aged 10 calls martyrdom and jihad “the most important meanings of life” and advises “drinking the cup of bitterness with glory is much sweeter than a pleasant long life accompanied by humiliation”

In addition, the children are taught how the Palestinian Authority financially compensates the families of “martyrs” and how the “martyrs” themselves will be rewarded in “Paradise.”



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