Pakistani Couple Arrested for Acid Attack on Daughter (BBC)

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A couple, in Pakistan, arrested for killing their 15-year old daughter with acid told the BBC they feared she would bring dishonour on their family after they saw her look at a boy. Their daughter, Anusha, who had burns on 60% of her body, died a day after the attack after her parents kept her at home to avoid giving her medical care.

Meanwhile, in a horrific expression of "regret," The Express Tribune quotes the mother lamenting the fact that now there is no one to take care of the couple's other children. “I deeply regret my action. I am repenting as I should not have done this. She was very innocent. I feel like killing all my kids,” the mother of eight told the news agency AFP. “My remaining children, including four girls and two boys, all under 10 years of age have been left alone and they have nobody out there except Allah the Almighty to look after them,” she said.

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Meira Svirsky

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