Ohio Doctor Vows to Give Wrong Medicines to Jews

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A doctor in Ohio who vowed to give the wrong medicines to Jews still has an active license.

Lara Kollab, who was outed by the organization Canary Mission last November, was working as a supervised resident the prestigious Cleveland Clinic from July through September of 2018.

Between 2011 to 2017, Kollab wrote a series of anti-Semitic posts on social media calling for violence against Jews, comparing them to dogs, minimizing the Holocaust, supporting the Boycott, Divest and Sanction Movement (BDS) against Israel (who she likened to Nazis) and claiming that Zionists controlled the U.S. media and schools.

In a particularly egregious post, she tweeted, ““hahha ewww.. ill purposely give all the yahood [Jews] the wrong meds…”

The hospital said in a statement December 30 that she was no longer working at their facility, adding, “In no way do these beliefs reflect those of our organization. We fully embrace diversity, inclusion and a culture of safety and respect across our entire health system.”

However, it was unclear whether she had been fired because of her posts.

Although Kollab’s social media accounts have been deactivated, you can read her posts at Canary Mission.

In October 2017, Kollab said on Facebook that she was employed at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago as part of her fourth year of medical school.

Her Linkedin also said that she was a Biology tutor “to high school and college kids in her hometown” since 2013, a mentor to “1st, 2nd, and 3rd year medical students” since 2015 and a “Big Sister” at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America since 2016.



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