US General: No Sanctuary for ISIS In Afghanistan

While the news centers around the defeats of Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq, U.S. forces have been pounding the terror group in Afghanistan.

On July 11, U.S. forces killed Abu Sayed, the emir of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Khorasan Province (ISIS-K). The strike on the group’s headquarters in  Afghanistan also killed other ISIS-K members and will significantly disrupt the terror group’s plans to expand its presence in Afghanistan, said General John Nicholson.

Speaking at headquarters in Kabul, Nicholson, stated, “This is the third emir of ISIS-K that we have killed in operations with our Afghan partners in the past year. As you are aware we have had continuous operations against the Islamic state in Afghanistan throughout the past year, but especially since March and in this time we have seen a great reduction in their fighters.

“We have killed three of their emirs, we have killed dozens of their senior leaders, and we will not stop until ISIS-K is defeated inside Afghanistan.”

Nicholson vowed, “When the fourth ISIS-K Emir is named, we will kill him too. And so we will keep killing the leaders of ISIS until they are gone.”

Meira Svirsky
Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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