No Charges for UK Council Over Rape Gangs

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(Illustrative Photo: Ian Waldie/Getty Images)


No officials at a British council that failed to act to prevent rape gangs of underage girls will face trial, despite evidence of systemic negligence and incompetence, The Guardian reported.

The local council in Rotherham had various and substantial organizational failings” which stopped them from preventing 1,400 girls from suffering sexual abuse at the hands of predominantly Pakistani grooming gangs, new reports by the council concluded.

The earlier Casey Report found the council failed to take action “for fear of appearing racist.”

Despite ample evidence that the abuse took place and that the social workers did not act despite repeated warnings, no one will be held accountable. There were 27 individuals from the council who declined to be interviewed for a new report, which was conducted at a cost of $57,000 to the local taxpayer.

The new report also indicated that files pertinent to investigations into the abuse had gone missing or been stolen.

“I had hoped that today’s publication of the reports into Rotherham metropolitan borough council (RMBC) preventing child sexual exploitation would draw a line under the catalogue of errors that led to our children being let down so badly by those supposed to protect them,” local Member of Parliament Sarah Champion told the press.

“However, despite these huge failures, leading to at least 1,400 victims being let down, it appears that no individual at RMBC has yet been held to account for their role.”



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