NJ Woman ISIS Recruiter Turned on Government

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(Illustrative photo: Flickr/WD-MAX/CC2.0)
(Illustrative photo: Flickr/WD-MAX/CC2.0)

A New Jersey woman who was an ISIS recruiter but agreed to be a government informant was really acting as a double agent.

Sinmyah Amera Cesaer, who went by the alias Umm Nutella, was originally arrested by the FBI at JFK airport as she was trying to leave the country. According to a plea deal she made with the government, Ceaser provided the feds with detailed information about ISIS supporters to whom she was connected.

After two years in jail, she was released on bail after claiming that the medical care she was receiving at her detention center was inadequate. Yet her handlers later found out that she had violated the conditions of her bond by getting a laptop and downloading apps on her cell phone that she used to reconnect with ISIS supporters (one of whom she had previously informed on) as well as other terrorists (some of whom were subjects of ongoing terror investigations).

Using pseudonyms, she opened up multiple Facebook accounts then deleted the correspondence she conducted on the social media platform. On Facebook, she expressed no remorse for supporting ISIS. She then lied about the accounts to her handlers.

Ceasar was sent back to prison and subsequently pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide material support to ISIS and post-cooperation obstruction of justice. She faces sentencing this week.



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