Nigeria: New Report Reveals Extent of Christian Persecution

An estimated 11,500 Christians were killed and a million displaced during the last 15 years in Nigeria, according to a new report by Open Doors, an organization that monitors anti-Christian persecution worldwide.

The report is entitled Crushed but Not Defeated: The Impact of Persistent Violence on the Church in Northern Nigeria.

“The research shows that decades of targeted religious violence has had an even larger impact on the Church in Northern Nigeria than previously expected,” the document reads, adding that 13,000 churches were destroyed or forced to close down.

“Drivers of targeted violence against Christians in Northern Nigeria are connected through a common religious denominator” it adds “defending northern Muslims’ interests, Muslim identity and the position of Islam. Not just radical Islam, Boko Haram being the most notable example, but also Muslim Hausa-Fulani herdsmen and the Northern Muslim political and religious elite are also major actors of targeted violence towards the Christian minority.”

View a news report on an attack on a Nigerian church:

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