Next Stop, Iran

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani meets his American counterpart Donald Trump under the watchful gaze of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. (Image: Clarion Project)
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani meets his American counterpart Donald Trump under the watchful gaze of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. (Image: Clarion Project)

Seeing as it went so well with Kim in Singapore, on the way back to America on Air Force One, President Trump’s chief of staff proposes a spur of the moment detour to Tehran.

John Kelly: You know, POTUS, we could make this deal an even bigger win.

The Donald: You got me listening…you know how I love winning.

JK: If we can get a dictator like Kim to agree to give up his nukes, why not try with the Ayatollah? He must be in a revolutionary panic with Kim on our side now! Plus the Russians just said they want him out of Syria, and you know what that means when Putin says “want.” No choice there. Seems to me, we’re in a good position to “negotiate” with Tehran, if you get what I mean.

The Donald: I got it. I’m not stupid, I went to an Ivy League school. It’s on the way home, anyway.

Meanwhile in Tehran …

The Supreme Leader (SL) Ali Khamenei and his trusted sidekick Prez Hassan Rouhani confer about Trump’s recent tete-a-tete with Kim:

Hassan: And we thought Kim was our BFF!

SL: So much for that last “F”! Do you think he sold out to The Donald?

Hassan: Hard to know. Could be a ploy. But if it’s not, we’ve got major trouble on our hands. Who are we going to run our nukes through if he did?

SL: Exactly. And he’s not the only one bailing out on us. The Russians just gave the green light to those cursed Israelis. When the Zionists are done with us, we won’t have any toys to play with in Syria. That last hit from them really hurt.

Hassan: What a load of thanks from Vlad after we helped him secure Syria and those bases he’s got there now. He must have cut a deal with the Americans. And we know who’s really running their show.

SL and Hassan at the same time: THE JEWS!

Hassan: And what’s with Bashar? To think he’d rather have protection from the Russians than us! Did you see that Syrian rat is heading off for a “visit” in Pyongyang. What if he sells us out as well?

SL: That’s why I’ve come up with Plan B to throw off the Americans.

Hassan: Pray tell, Ali! Urrr…I mean, what did you have in mind your excellency?

SL: Have you checked out my Twitter feed lately? I’ve got this. No more talk of pushing the Jews into the sea. Check out my latest tweets:

Hassan (pouting): I thought I was the one who was supposed to look like a moderate!  You know, I’m the good cop, you’re the bad cop. Now you want to play good cop, too?

SL: I’m the Supreme Leader! What is it you don’t get about “Supreme”? I can play anything I want!

Hassan: Right sir. So about the plan…

SL’s trusted aide General Ali Jaffari interrupts:

AJ: Sir, we’ve just received a communique from the Americans! They’re headed this way and want to meet! What should I tell them?

SL (smiling): Tell them we’re ready for them.



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