New Mexico Compound – Timeline of Events

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The five adult suspects in the New Mexico jihadi cult (Photo: Clarion Project)
The five adult suspects in the New Mexico jihadi cult (Photo: Clarion Project)

The following is a timeline of events surrounding the discovery of a jihadist cult illegally occupying private land in New Mexico.

The FBI was watching the compound for months but failed to move in. When local authorities found out there were starving children inside, they moved in, rescuing 11 children from squalid conditions. A teenage son of the leader of the cult reported to the FBI they were being given military training to carry out terror attacks, including school shootings.

The body of a missing three-year-old child, the son of one of the cult leaders, was later found on the property. The child, who had epilepsy and was disabled, was denied his medicine and died during an exorcism ritual performed on him.

Controversy soon surrounded the case as first one judge released some of the suspects on signature bonds, then another was left no choice but to release all of them on a legal technicality.

Two days after their release, all five adult suspects were rearrested by the FBI on different charges.

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