New Jersey Imam Delivers an Earful

(Photo: Maxpixel.net/CCO)
(Photo: Maxpixel.net/CCO)

Listen to New Jersey-based Imam Mateen Khan, who gave a lecture on the evils of Western liberalism and its desire to destroy Islamic beliefs through human rights — it was quite an earful.

The lecture, given at the Muslim Center of Middlesex County, NJ and posted by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), rails against America for sending troops to Afghanistan to “liberate” women from the Taliban (among other “liberal” ideas) and gets a few choice anti-Semitic digs in against Jews and Israel as well – all wrapped up in a nice package for the consumption of American Muslims.

(Of recent note is that, in back channel talks with the U.S., the latest demand from the Taliban to make “peace” in Afghanistan is that the U.S. military withdraw completely, leaving no residual “counterterrorism” force behind.)



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