New Issue of ISIS Propaganda Magazine Rumiyah

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The cover of Rumiyah.

The Islamic State released a new issue of Rumiyah, its slick English-language magazine that seems to have replaced the more theologically-based Dabiq, their previous magazine.

The ninth and latest issue of Rumiyah leads with an entire justification for attacking two major churches in Egypt in twin bombings on Palm Sunday, attacks which killed at least 45 and wounded 126 others, as well as other attacks on Christians in the Sinai Peninsula.

Reacting to Muslim condemnations of the attacks, ISIS seeks to justify these brutal assaults, lashing out at fellow Muslims as murtaddin (apostates) and non-Muslims asmushrikin (idolators). The attacks, they contend, are against the West for their killing of Muslims “in the east and in the west – men, women, children, and the elderly altogether.” Conveniently forgotten is the aggressive campaign the terror group has waged in their all-consuming desire to create a caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

Mothers are instructed to come to the ISIS-controlled territories to raise “righteous offspring … to bring forth from us a generation that will wage jihad.”

This demonstrates once again the ISIS attitude to women – fit only for service as wombs, domestic servants, repositories of pleasure for their husbands.

“Every woman to whom Allah has granted the blessing of giving birth in the Islamic State should take advantage of this tremendous grace,” the terror group writes to mothers. “They [should] grow up with their eyes becoming accustomed to seeing weapons and equipment, including rifles, tactical vests, bullets, grenades, and explosive belts.”

The brutal group also tells mothers to force their children to watch its propaganda videos and read its materials to “nurture the love of jihad and hatred towards their enemies.”

Read every issue of the Islamic State’s propaganda magazines here. 

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Elliot Friedland

Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.

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