New Compound of NM Jihadi Cultists Found in Alabama

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Siraj Wahhaj, Jr. (L) with Lucas Morton, another jihadi cult member (Clarion Project)
Siraj Wahhaj, Jr. (L) with Lucas Morton, another jihadi cult member (Clarion Project)

Combing through heavily redacted court documents, NBC 15 News in Alabama discovered property in the state owned by terror-suspect Siraj Wahhaj, Jr. was another compound used by the jihadi cultists for military training of their children.

Wahaaj, along with four others (including two of his siblings) were charged by the federal government with terrorism, kidnapping and unlawful firearms violations.

They were arrested at their New Mexico compound in the summer of 2018 when local authorities moved in after receiving information that their children were starving.

Wahhaj and his cohorts were heavily armed.

A further investigation of the filthy compound led to the discovery of the body of Wahhaj’s three-year-old disabled son, Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj.

Abdul-Ghani was kidnapped by his father in December 2017. He was deprived of his medication and forced to endure repeated Islamic exorcism rituals, during which it is assumed that he died.

Eleven starving children were rescued from the New Mexico compound. The older ones told authorities they were being trained to carry our terror attacks, including school shootings.

Wahhaj is the son of radical imam Siraj Wahhaj, Sr., one of America’s most prominent Islamist clerics and the person whom sharia-apologist Linda Sarsour calls her “mentor.”

Wahhaj, Sr. told NBC 15 he was stunned by his son’s actions and that he tipped off law enforcement about the conditions at the New Mexico compound last year.

“To me there is something obviously happening, some mental disorder to me this doesn’t seem like them,” he said.

However, a cursory look at look at Wahhaj, Sr.’s life, sermons and affiliations prove this statement to be disingenuous.

See Clarion Project’s “Who is Siraj Wahhaj, Sr.?”

According to an FBI search warrant, the jihadi group assembled a military-style obstacle course on the Alabama property similar to the one found in New Mexico.

Observations by the network through the use of a drone also showed tires, trash, children’s toys and respirators on the property.  The network reported as well:

“Federal authorities appear to have made the Alabama connection with this group back in December 2017 when Siraj Wahhaj [Jr.] crashed his 2004 Ford Explorer on 1-65 in rural Chilton County, Alabama about an hour and a half away from the compound. The FBI says there were five guns in that car, a bullet-proof vest, and a bag of ammunition. Investigators say Wahhaj and a friend were allowed to remove the firearms from the Explorer into a box truck. They told police they were going camping 1,400 miles away in New Mexico.”



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