Muslims at Norway Conference Support Sharia Punishments

A common tactic among Islamists is to portray themselves as representing the majority of Muslims. In addition, any objection by the media to the horrific human rights abuses inherent in sharia law is portrayed as “Islamophic.” This tactic was not in short supply at what has been called the largest Islamic event in Scandinavia.

The “Peace Conference Scandinavia 2013,” was attended by 4,000 Muslims and featured nine speakers. One of the speakers explained that every one of the speakers – as well as the audience – would be labeled “extremists” by the media for believing in sharia punishments such as stoning of adulterers and homosexuals and believing that these practices should be implemented worldwide.

Declaring himself to be a “normal Muslim” (i.e., not of an extreme sect), the speaker then asked the audience if they consider themselves to be normal Muslims. After seeing all the participants’ hands raised in the affirmative, he declared,”It’s not that the speaker who we are inviting that has extreme radical views, as you (the media) say. These are general views that every Muslim genuinely has.”  

See the following vide chip of his statements. To view the entire presentation “It’s Not the Radical Shaykh, It’s Islam," click here.

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Hi, this may be interesting you: Muslims at Norway Conference Support Sharia Punishments! This is the link: https://clarionproject.org/muslims-norway-conference-support-sharia-punishments/