Muslim Thugs in Berlin: Our Own Universe

Muslim thugs in Germany have promised revenge after a German man they were attacking stabbed one of them to death. 

The story began with a “friendly” soccer game between Arab and Turk teenagers in a Muslim-dominated area of Berlin. When a fight broke out between the two teams, two German men in their thirties tried to calm the two sides down.

Quickly forgetting about their differences, the Turks and Arabs turned on the men.  A gang of 20 followed the men home, picking up sticks and stones for armament on the way.  Once the men were inside their homes, the crowd remained. One of the men came out with a kitchen knife, and in the ensuing attack on him by the gang – which left him with a fractured skull — he stabbed an 18-year old Muslim, who later died of his wounds.

Police advised the German man and his family to move out of the area for their own protection, as apparently, the police were not able to guarantee their safety.  The man and his family heeded the advice and are staying with relatives elsewhere.

Although the German man has not been charged murder, charges have also not been brought against the perpetrators. Instead, a special police unit that deals with issues of immigrant integration has been called in.

“We are aware of a threatening situation, “ said Police Spokesman Stephan Redlich. “We explained the German law, for example, what self-defense is.”  

"I would advise him not to surface too quickly," said Burak K, a young Muslim. "If I was killed, right away my friends would be on their way to take care of whoever had done it. “ That's how it works here among friends, he explained. When one friend has a dispute, the others will back him up unconditionally. Group cohesion, with the groups mostly arranged according to nationality, is very strong. One call and all the friends will be on the spot right away. The reason for the dispute is not so important.

"I can guarantee 100 per cent that there will be a follow-on from this. This here is its own universe with its own laws," Burak K. continued.

Burak’s opinion can be confirmed below in a video made of the funeral of who you would think is the victim of this story. Talk is also underway to set up a memorial stone for him.


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