Muslim Mob Goes on Rampage Against Egyptian Christians

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A mob of extremist Muslims in a village in Egypt attacked Christians last week, looting and torching their property and leaving many injured.

“On Friday afternoon, following Friday noon prayer, a great deal of fanatic Muslims gathered in front of the new house of my cousin, Naim Aziz, during its construction because of a rumor spread in the village that this building would be turned into a church,” explained Al-Beida village resident Mousa Zarif, as reported by International Christian Concern.

The site in question was, in actuality, Aziz’ personal house which was under construction.

Shouting slogans denouncing Christians and the building of any church in the village, the mob proceeded to destroy the building and all of the construction materials before they attacked Aziz and his brother, leaving both of them injured. According to the report, “the mob then turned their wrath on the Christian homes adjacent to the building, hurling rocks, looting houses and setting fire to any Christian property in their wake.”

The mob also intercepted the car of Father Karas Naser, the priest of a Coptic church seven kilometers away where the Christians of the village are forced to pray. “They attacked him but some moderate Muslims intervened, rescuing him from their hands and getting him out of the car,” said Zarif.

After police arrived on the scene, they stood back, allowing the mob to continue to set homes and cars on fire. In the presence of security forces, the mob performed their afternoon prayers outside of the Christian homes with loud speakers pointed at their doors.

In the end, the police arrested six Muslim men and six Christian men. The Muslims were released the same evening and the Christians were released on bail the next day after being charged with erecting a building without a permit and holding prayers without permission. 

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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org