Muslim Militants Go Door to Door Killing Christians

Three horrific incidents in three different countries highlight the global persecution of Christians by Muslim supremacists.


A mob of Muslim militants descended on Ndomete village in the Central African Republic (CAR) and went door-to-door killing Christians. The U.N. confirmed the casualty figures.

The militiamen, believed to belong to the Muslim militia group Seleka, killed 26 people and is thought to have deliberately targeted civilians. Seleka deposed then president Francois Bozize in 2013 and installed the Muslim Michel Djotodia instead.

Faced with mounting sectarian violence, Djotodia resigned in January 2014.

Although the Seleka group was officially disbanded, the group did not put down its weapons. Ex-Seleka fighters and Christian so-called “anti-Balaka” militias have been fighting since, displacing some 25 percent of CAR’s population.

“If the government is not going to beef up the security, then we are going to defend ourselves,” a local Christian leader told Morningstar News. “We shall not keep quiet as our brothers are dying.”


In Nigeria Boko Haram militants attacked Christians in Kwamjilari village after a church service on Sunday. Gunmen reportedly killed 8 people who congregated outside the church in north-eastern Borno State.

Villagers reported Boko Haram stationed gunmen on the road leading away from the church so they could shoot those trying to flee.


In Spain an immigrant from Cameroon went on trial for the murder of six other immigrants whom he is accused of throwing overboard while crossing the Mediterranean in his boat. The boat captain, identified as Alain N. reportedly blamed the rough seas which were rocking the boat on the prayers led by a Catholic pastor on board and consequently threw them overboard. Another man who helped him throw them overboard later died.

The pair, both from Cameroon, reportedly beat the Nigerian pastor with pieces of wood before throwing him overboard. They then searched the other passengers for amulets or other identifying signs of Christianity and similarly beat and hurled overboard five other people.

Alain N. “was aware that the victims could not possibly survive and that they would die, either by drowning, from the cold, or from the physical injuries they had suffered,” according to statements made by the prosecution. “He was aware of the low temperature, the rough seas and the great distance from the coast and the absence of any nearby boats which could rescue them.”


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