Muslim Gang Kidnaps, Batters Guard in British Prison

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British counter-terrorism police launched an investigation after a guard at a maximum security prison was taken hostage and injured by three inmates reportedly inspired by the recent brutal murder of British soldier Drummer Lee Rigby a by Islamic jihadists on the streets of London.

The prison officers' union said that the guard was held hostage for nearly four hours until riot officers managed to free him. He suffered a broken cheekbone, among other injuries, in the attack by three male prisoners, while a female guard sustained minor injuries as she tried to help.

The incident took place after the prison imam asked the inmates to pray for Rigby who was killed in Woolwich, south-east London, last week near his army barracks. The ringleader of the prison attack reportedly flew into a rage at that request, because he claimed the death of the 25-year-old soldier was justified.

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"The fear was that the gang had somehow got hold of knives from the prison kitchen and they would attempt to behead him," a prison source said. "[The attack] was organized and inspired by the terrible death of Lee Rigby. The ringleader wanted to start a riot and after taking a hostage he was shouting for 'true Muslims' to join a holy war. By the time the attack finished, the officer was covered in bruises and blood. He feels very lucky to be alive. He was told they would kill him."

The attack took place at Full Sutton prison, located near York in northern England, which holds dozens of terrorists. The staff reported that they had been warning their bosses about the ringleader’s volatile temperament and insisted that he was an increased security risk. They had requested that he be moved into an isolation wing but said their pleas were ignored as the jail’s chiefs did not want to risk stirring up trouble.

"We could see this was coming but nothing was done," said the prison source. "The bosses were too worried about causing offence among terrorists to do their job properly. We are very lucky not to be dealing with the death of a prison officer."

Terrorism expert Neil Doyle said the attack was intended to offer support to those who had murdered Lee Rigby. "Terrorist incidents like that of last week often serve to inspire others. Al-Qaeda has for some time now been preaching a strategy based on smaller individual attacks. Prison officers are under no illusions of the dangers they face and will be on high alert for copycat attacks," commented Doyle.

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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org