Muslim Brotherhood Rep: “We are Now in The Retaliation Phase”

Muslim Brotherhood-linked television stations based in Turkey have been calling on supporters to use violent means in Egypt in an attempt to overthrow President Sisi and his army-backed government and return the country to Muslim Brotherhood rule.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been designated as a terrorist organization by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

The official Muslim Brotherhood representative in Turkey, Ashraf Abdulgaffar, made a similar call, advocating a policy of "an eye for an eye." He said: "We are now in the retaliation phase. They [Sisi’s government] must taste pain, because there are traitors. My message to the Egyptian people is this: Stand firm and be ready for all sacrifices and prices to be paid.

Other statements went much further. A “communique” issued by an organization claiming to be the “Revolutionary Youth,” and broadcast on Muslim Brotherhood Rabia TVthreatened to launch terrorist attacks on foreign nationals in Egypt. The televised statement gave all foreign nationals until February 11 to leave Egypt, saying "after that they may become targeted by the movements of revolutionary retribution."

The commique went on to threaten foreign businesses saying, "All foreign companies operating on Egyptian soil have an opportunity until February 20 to withdraw all their franchises from Egypt and cease their operations." If they do not do so, the group threatens, "all their projects may be targeted by the rebels."  

Muhammed Nasir, a commentator on the Brotherhood-linked Misr al An TV was just as blunt saying: “It is time to begin armed struggle.”

Both of these Brotherhood TV stations are based in Turkey.  

This follows the call for “long and unrelenting jihad” that the Brotherhood published on their Arabic website last week.

According to Youm7, an Egyptian paper, Major-General Mahmoud Zaher, a strategic and political expert, said that the communique broadcast by the Rabia channel gave Egypt the right to fight the Muslim Brotherhood internationally. He said this threat was tantamount to a declaration of war. Speaking to Sky News Arabic, Zaher commented, “This is stupidity, and I thank them for this stupid act because it allows us to fight this group according to international law.”

Violence and clashes have continued within Egypt. This morning, nine Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested in the Sinai for inciting violence and attacking the police and the army. On Friday, Brotherhood supporters clashed in the streets with the army in Cairo’s suburb of Matariya.

The raids follow an intensifying army assault on the Islamic State’s affiliate in the Sinai, formerly known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis. The army killed 27 militants on Friday in a series of airstrikes. For its part, the militants claimed responsibility for an IED that destroyed a military vehicle at Rafah in the Sinai near the Gaza strip.

The Brotherhood’s official statement on the Sinai campaign made no mention of the terrorist attacks of the Islamic State, instead saying, “There is no solution to this situation, except by returning the army to its barracks, restoring to the people of the Sinai their rights and dignity, trying all the criminals, and exacting retribution for all the blood spilled.”

Yet, President Barack Obama recently conducted private meetings last Wednesday with senior U.S. Muslim leaders connected to the Brotherhood. This is on top of the State Department and several congressmen meeting in closed sessions with a delegation from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood last week

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