Former Muslim Brotherhood Leader Reveals All

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Turkish supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood flash the movement's four-finger Rabia sign. (Photo: ADEM ALTAN / AFP / Getty Images)
Turkish supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood flash the movement’s four-finger Rabia sign. (Photo: ADEM ALTAN / AFP / Getty Images)

The Muslim Brotherhood is a secretive organization. It is difficult to pin down exactly what goes on within its ranks. One former leader of the group in Egypt recently broke his silence. In an hour-long interview and told of his experiences. He gave the interview on Egyptian TV to a program called My Responsibility on the channel Sedaa el-Balad (Echo of the Country).

Tharwat el-Kherbawi is an Egyptian lawyer, member of the Union of Lawyers in Egypt and previously and official in the MB but left after ideological differences and now opposes them.  Kherbawi’s allegations against the Brotherhood are explosive, but Clarion has not independently verified them. His comments should be taken as indicative of his opinion alone and not as irrefutable fact. They are also interesting as they shed light on what is believed about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Highlights from the interview were translated by Clarion Project’s Arab Affairs analyst Anwar el-Iraqi.

Here are three explosive allegations he made in his interview:


The Muslim Brotherhood is an International Organization Which Wants to Take Over the World

Kherbawi noted the Brotherhood is an international organization with a central base in London. They have a presence in 88 countries around the world. Their eventual goal is to take over the world and they are an international organization that doesn’t have a concept of “homeland.”

This international presence enabled former Guidance Bureau member Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh and other senior MB leaders to give lectures at the prestigious British think tank Chatham House. This institution played a role in running the Egyptian media, he claims, and as a place where the Muslim Brotherhood and Britain could bribe people.

He says the UK in particular has been supporting the Muslim Brotherhood since the 1950s and that Britain has protected the Muslim Brotherhood since they were established. He said they used to have a radio station in Britain which called for the downfall of Nasser.


The Muslim Brotherhood is in the Pay of Britain and America to Take Over Egypt

Kherbawi accused Britain and British intelligence of forming an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood. He also said they have an alliance with American intelligence and often do what America tells them to do. Other brotherhood allies reportedly include Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan and the Emir of Qatar.

He alleged that the current Emir of Qatar was educated by Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

He also said many media people, politicians and activists received sums of money through foreign embassies of countries that are hostile to Egypt, in order that the Muslim Brotherhood take over the country as a proxy for these countries, especially Britain.

In one example, he accused British intelligence of putting pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood to change Egypt’s national police day (January 25, also the day of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011) in order to minimize the glorification of the role of the police in Egyptian independence from Britain and thus lessen anti-British sentiment in Egypt. Kherbawi alleged the MB pressured the previous interior minister, Mohammed Ibrahim, to change the police day to another day that is not January 25, on the orders of British intelligence.


The Muslim Brotherhood Has Reopened its Military Wing

He claims the Muslim Brotherhood has reopened its military branch, under the name Hazm. Hazm, which has carried out terrorist attacks against the Egyptian state but which is not openly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, was allegedly created on the orders of the late Mohammed Kamal. Kherbawi says Kamal was the secret leader of the Muslim Brotherhood until he was killed.

The name Hazm was chosen because it is similar to the word “Hamas.” Kamal, who was killed in confrontations with the Egyptian police, was the secret leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in contemporary times and he was the first to demand that they restart a military branch.

Kamal was in charge of recent terror attacks, demonstrations, and hired snipers to shoot at the crowds to incite them against the government.



These allegations the Brotherhood propagated by a former senior member shows the network of half-truths and conjecture that surrounds reporting about the organization.

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Elliot Friedland

Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.

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