Mother: My Husband Wanted to Marry Our Girl, 10, to Man Aged 80

A Yemeni woman fled with her 10-year-old daughter fearing her child would be forced to marry a man in his seventies or eighties.

Speaking to RT Arabic, the mother claimed the pair ran away before he husband was able to arrange the marriage.

The woman explains the story from her perspective in this video. The translation of her words is below.

“My daughter is 10 years old. And her father decided to marry her to someone in his 70’s or 80’s. And he insisted that the marriage will take place. That’s why I took my daughter and ran away. And we hid.

“I adamantly opposed the marriage to this man or any other man. She’s small. She must finish her studies. She’s 10 years old. She can’t bear marriage.

“He said that he’s her father and he knows what’s best for her, and that marrying her off when she is young is for the best. He objected to me.“

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Ran Meir
Ran Meir is Clarion Project's Arab affairs analyst.

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