‘Moscow: US Plans Imminent Attack Against Syria’

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Arabic media review

Moscow Reveals Imminent American Attack Against Syria: American Destroyer With Cruise Missiles Reached the Gulf to Carry out Attack – Tayyar (Lebanon)

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the U.S. destroyer Sullivan arrived in the Arab Gulf carrying 56 Cruise missiles to carry out an attack against Syria. Ministry Spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov said there’s indirect confirmation that America and its allies are preparing to conduct a new aggression against Syria. Additionally, the American strategic bomber B1B arrived at Al Udeid, the U.S. military base in Qatar, carrying 24 land-air missiles. The B1B is being prepped to strike targets in Syria.


The Tale of Turkey and the Priest – The Secret Lies with Iran – Okaz (Saudi Arabia)

It’s obvious the arrest of the American priest Andrew Brunson, which caused a crisis in Turkey-Washington relations, is much deeper than what is known. It includes secrets that relate to Turkish governmental support of the Iranian regime and Turkey’s opposition to the international sanctions imposed on Iran. Ankara is using its banks to launder billions of dollars for Iranian activities. This means the spying accusations against the priest are only a means to blackmail the White House to stop the investigation surrounding Halk Bankası, as was recently reported by American media outlets.

There’s an important question the Turkish government has so far failed to answer but will have to concerning Turkey’s interest in supporting Iranian activities and helping its terror regime against international sanctions: Is it just the love of fast money resulting from money laundering or is it the coming together of the regional political interests of Ankara and Iran? The answer is clear to everyone who’s followed the Turkish political discourse in recent years, but the good thing is that both [the Iranian and Turkish] projects are in sharp decline and they are seeking an escape route that simply doesn’t exist.


The Compass of American Interests – Tishreen (Syria)

What’s happening in the region is nothing less than an precision compass that tries to define the interests of the U.S., whose motto is “me” and is trying to retain its position as the world’s leading country. As other forces rose, such as international NGOs, multinationals and terror, the CIA understood it needed to find gaps that would enable the U.S. to remain as the only superpower. That’s why it presented excuses such as terror, the spread of weapons of mass destruction and the axis of evil. The compass of American interests is constantly shifting but in the Arab lands there’s always the threat Washington will expand its reach in order to obtain oil, maintain key routes and protect the Zionist entity.


Trump Sends Condolences to the Families of Saudi Students Theeb and Jaser: Their Noble Act Will Not Be Forgotten – Almowaten (Saudi Arabia)

President Trump sent letters of condolence and consolation to the families of Saudi students Theeb al-Yami and Jaser al-Rakah – God have mercy on their souls. They drowned in Massachusetts while trying to save two American children from drowning. He highlighted their humanitarian act saying their actions won’t be forgotten.



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