Morsi Supporters Vow Jihad and to Burn Christians

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The July 3 overthrow of Egyptian President Morsi by the military, spurred into action by mind-bogglingly large protests demanding that it step in, is being met with calls to Jihad. Islamists at a pro-Morsi rally on July 4 were videotaped pledging to kill their political opponents and to set Christians “on fire.”

The first speaker in the news clip states that the pro-Morsi crowd will die fighting. He shouts, “I want to say to [Defense Minister] al-Sisi: Beware! Know that you have created a new Taliban and a new Al-Qaeda in Egypt.”

He explicitly states that he and his colleagues will become suicide bombers and that they’ll target all of their enemies. He tells al-Sisi that he “wrote the death sentence of all the members of Tamarod [the opposition]” and “of anyone who opposed President Morsi and opposed the legitimacy of the ballot box.”

The next speaker is a Salafist woman dressed in full Niqab. She states that she is not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but pledges to fight on behalf of her fellow Islamists. She hatefully shouts, “I tell the Christians one word: You live by our side. We will set you on fire! We will set you on fire!”

The video can be seen below:


The Egyptian military has placed President Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide al-Badie under house arrest. About 200 members of the Brotherhood have warrants out for their arrest. If they are indeed arrested, then the situation will quickly escalate. Already, it’s been reported that 250 Egyptians have been injured in clashes in three provinces.

It has been reported that the Muslim Brotherhood is already considering launching a new terrorist group and that seven Hamas terrorists were arrested in Cairo with car bombs. Hamas is the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. Last year, the Clarion Project brought attention to an unnoticed video showing the Hamas leadership publicly pledging allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood and its jihad.

The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists in the region have seen their popularity collapse, but they are still a major force. If the Muslim Brotherhood formally declares jihad, it will be joined by Al-Qaeda, Hamas, foreign Brotherhood branches and hardline Salafists.

The most recent Zogby poll of Egyptian public opinion, taken between April 4 and May 12, found that 29% of Egyptians had confidence in President Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, had the confidence of 26% of respondents. These numbers have certainly declined since the poll was finished, but this still equals millions of people.

The Salafists, who are even more radical than the Muslim Brotherhood, will see their numbers swell. Some supporters of the Brotherhood will feel the organization's strategy of implementing Sharia gradually is to blame for the Islamists' failure,  and they will join the violent Salafists. The Zogby poll found that 29% of Egyptians have confidence in the Salafist Al-Nour Party. In the parliamentary elections, the Salafists won about one-fourth of the vote.

The Muslim Brotherhood is calling for a "Friday of Rejection" with massive protests. Bloodshed is inevitable. The question is whether the Muslim Brotherhood will officially declare a jihad and if not, how many Islamists will take up arms on their own accord.[signup]

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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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