Moroccan Islamist Leaders Caught Having Sex on the Beach

Two Islamist leaders were arrested after being caught in a compromising position in a car on a beach north of Casablanca.

Moulay Omar Ben Hamad (63) and Fatima Nejjar  (62) are both vice-presidents in the Moroccan Islamist organization the Movement for Unification and Reform (MUR). The movement preaches chastity and faithfulness and strict adherence to a puritanical form of Islam.

Ben Hamad is a professor of Islamic studies at the Faculty of Arts in Rabat and a known preacher, charged with preaching to the youth and abroad.

Nejjar is known for a series of YouTube videos focusing on the virtues of faithfulness and purity and against permissive behavior.  

Ben Hamad is married with seven children, while Nejjar, who is a widow, is the mother of six.

Ben Hamad was arrested for attempted corruption while Nejjar was charged with complicity to adultery, according to the New York Post.

Ben Hamad argued that he lives with Nejjar in a common law marriage and that his wife does not support adultery charges.

Both argued they have been set up in a targeted political smear campaign.

Both were also suspended from MUR.


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