How Millennials Need to Get Us Out of the Radical Islam Mess

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(Illustrative photo: Flickr)
(Illustrative photo: Flickr)

A recent Clarion Project article outlined how the Baby Boomer generation got the world into the mess of radical Islam through:

  • making the Saudis rich by filling up their cars with the kingdom’s oil, while the mullahs gleefully used the money to export their extremist brand of Islam to all corners of the earth,
  • creating and propping up jihadis to stick it to the Communists, and
  • inventing political correctness by promoting the morally bankrupt idea of cultural relativism in college campuses in the ‘70s.

While it is quite true that successive governments elected by Baby Boomers put these factors in place that generated radical Islam, it is equally true that the millennials are now its willing executioners.

Radical Islam, like any other political movement, needs fuel to keep its engine running. Unfortunately, the “disaffected” millennials have been all too eager to staff its ranks and carry out its murderous program for humanity.

(I guess the comforts of Western life created by Boomers were too much for the millennials to handle without misplaced guilt.)

The glorification of terror begun by students in liberal college institutions in the ‘60s created a problem of monstrous proportions in those who willfully let themselves be educated by radical left-wing professors who are hell-bent on destroying and giving up the freedoms and values they were supposedly fighting for in the ‘60s (challenging authority and creating world peace, to name a couple).

Those professors and other members of what we must now (ironically) call the “establishment” – who one would think should be supporting the free exchange of ideas, women’s rights and equality to mention just a few previously non-controversial ideas — are now in bed with the Islamists.

And who are their lap dogs, eating up the gross distortions of reality they are serving? Millennials.

Where are the millennials who will stand up for human rights in a real way? (Oh, I forgot. They’re getting beaten up by their peers, the Antifa rioters, for daring to deviate from the party line.)

Yes, boomers got us into this mess. That doesn’t mean millennials can’t take up take up the challenge to get us out of it.

Responsibility must be taken by each generation for the mess we are in. Millennials need to man up (excuse the lack of PC in the expression), buck the accepted party lines and confront members of their generation for joining and promoting terror groups.

“Radicalization” should not be used as an excuse for buying into the horrific and totalitarian ideology of Islamism. The “brain washing” techniques of online and real-time Islamists aren’t so mesmerizing that someone who has their head straight about values (or cares even the slightest about the suffering of their fellow human beings) could not only resist being “radicalized” but be capable of fighting those who are attempting to sway others into this distorted mindset.

Islamist apologists like the Southern Poverty Law Center, sharia promoters like Linda Sarsour, terrorists such as Rasmea Odeh and feckless leaders like Barack Obama who blanch at even preventing totalitarian regimes like Syria from obtaining chemical weapons must be outed and disgraced as the human rights abusers they are — not feted as the darlings of Salon societies.

Islamism — with all its lack of freedoms, inequality of women, persecution of gay, honor-based culture and FGM — is not cool. Millennials must be at the forefront to dispel this myth and expose it for the sickness that it is.

Plenty of boomers realize the folly of their generation’s decisions. My advice to millennials: Get them on your side and get down and dirty fixing this mess.



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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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