Michigan Terror Suspect Admits Supporting ISIS

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Yousef Mohammed Ramadan
Yousef Mohammed Ramadan (Photo: Video screenshot)

Yousef Mohammad Ramadan, a terror suspect arrested in August, has admitted to being an Islamic State (ISIS) supporter and preparing pipe bombs.

Federal court records seen by The Detroit News revealed previously unknown facts about the case.

The former security guard, 28, watched Islamic State propaganda movies and boasted that a terrorist attack would be easier to carry out in America than elsewhere.

Ramadan was arrested while attempting to board a plane to Jordan at the Detroit Metropolitan airport, with the final destination of Israel. Police searched his luggage and found pepper spray, knives, a stun gun, black masks, two-way radios, a gas mask and a tactical vest, according to a search warrant record. When police searched his electronic devices they found videos of him firing pistols, rifles and a sniper rifle. They also found videos of Islamic State propaganda and photos of a homemade pipe bomb.

Ramadan admitted he had made the pipe bomb, which he claimed was made overseas and for experimental purposes.

Regarding the ISIS propaganda, “Ramadan stated that he likes and watches all aspects of combat footage,” an FBI agent wrote. “He claimed that he does support ISIS’ goal of establishing … an Islamic State, but that he does not support their methods of violence to achieve that goal, instead preferring a peaceful approach to converting non-believers into the Muslim religion and/or forming an Islamic State.”

He told investigators if he wanted to carry out a terrorist attack, he would have done it in the United States, which would have been much easier.

The investigation is ongoing.

He is being held without bond and has been indicted on two counts of knowingly possessing a firearm with an obliterated serial number. If convicted for that charge, he faces a prison sentence of up to five years.

In August 2016, the Daily Caller reported 31 ISIS suspects had been arrested over the previous year in the U.S.



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