Michigan Brothers Arrested in Tunisia on Suspicion of Terror

Two brothers from Michigan, both recent converts to Islam, were arrested in Tunisia on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization.

One of the brothers was identified as Patrick Alan Lawwill.

The brothers, both in their 30s, had beards and dressed in traditional clothing. One was married to a Tunisian woman who was also arrested and both had come to Tunisia to study at the University of Jendouba two weeks prior to their arrest.

Authorities were alerted when the pair was noticed “behaving suspiciously.”  An investigation of their living quarters revealed items relation to Islamic extremism and jihad. However, no plans to make bombs were found, according to a source in the governor’s office.

Elsewhere, a Wisconsin man who was arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare airport in April 2015 admitted that he was aspiring to become a jihadi and was looking forward to spilling his blood “against the enemies of Allah.”

Joshua Van Haften had originally travelled to the Syrian border with plans to join the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). However, he ended up returning to the U.S. after being swindled by middlemen.

Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to attempting to give material support to a terrorist group. In court, he stated to the judge, “Your honor, I am a Muslim and I wanted to be a part of the caliphate that is occurring or will be occurring in the Sham, the Levant and Syria."

Van Haften is a convicted child sex offender. Also, as a teenager, he stalked a man dating his ex-girlfriend and pointed a gun at him.

Before travelling to Syria, he wrote on his Facebook page, "My password has always been 'death to America's new world order.’"

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