Merry Christmas – and Say It Out Loud

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I grew up in the United Kingdom – or Great Britain as we used to call it in our own politically-incorrect way. I am not a Christian, nor was I brought up in a Christian household. However, I was raised in a country with a strong Christian tradition.

I married an American – not a Christian, but a woman reared in a land that cherished both freedom and Christianity.

Neither of us celebrates Christmas. Nor do our children.

Once upon a time, some pretty bad things were done in the name of Christianity, but today, the religion merely preaches messages of love. And in a world where basic moral values are increasingly difficult to find, ‘Christian’ tenets such as loving one’s neighbor should be welcomed with open arms.

Yet it galls me to the very core that we in the West, country by country, are bidding Christmas farewell. In the Age of the Politically Correct we remove our Christmas trees, wish people a mere “season’s greetings” and Santa Claus and carolers often no longer bring yuletide joy in public.

Likewise, public schools increasingly remove pork from the lunchtime menu, prayers from the school day and Nativity plays from the annual calendar.

On the day Germany is burying its dead because a truck drove into a market whose sole purpose was to give people pleasure in purchasing items for the upcoming Christmas, it behooves the West to put aside this political correctness and proudly celebrate the holy day.

Of course, one should respect other beliefs and religions and encourage adherents of different faiths to celebrate their own festivals just as we did in the 1970s and ’80s in Britain, e.g., walking past the illuminated Christmas tree in City Square to return home to sing Chanukah songs.

This hiding of Christmas is the perfect, tragic example of the creeping Islamism or sharia you read about regularly on the pages of ClarionProject.org. Islamism does not only mean bombs and rabid preachers foaming at the mouth. Creeping Islamism is the challenge to Western customs and traditions be it via the courtroom or merely by social pressure. This willingness by the politically correct to surrender will eventually lead to the death of Christian-democratic society.

I am not a Christian but my parents chose to bring me up in a Christian society which respected my values as I respected its. Had I not, I could have chosen to leave – as could anyone today.

It’s time we stand up and wish one another a Merry Christmas. So please, if you do celebrate this holiday, enjoy it, spend quality time with your family, but don’t hide the holiday in your home. If there are still carolers in your town, go out and listen and look up to the public Christmas tree with pride and a smile.

Merry Christmas!


David Harris is editor in chief of Clarion Project.

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David Harris

David Harris is the editor in chief of Clarion Project.