‘120+ Members of Congress’ Send Letters of Support to CAIR

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CAIR's Founder and Executive Director Nihad Awad (Photo: Allison Shelley/Getty Images)
CAIR claims more than 120 member of Congress have written letters in support of the organization’s 25 anniversary gala. Shown here: CAIR’s Founder and Executive Director Nihad Awad (Photo: Allison Shelley/Getty Images)

Editor’s note: Since the publication of this article, the list of 120+ members of Congress who sent letters supporting were published here

According to Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), “120+” members of Congress sent the Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization letters “welcoming” their 25th anniversary gala scheduled for November 9 at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Washington, D.C.

The announcement by CAIR of this support by members of Congress follows accusations by former employees of CAIR’s discriminatory and sexist practices and alleges a culture of abuse with the organization.

Lori Haidri, a former employee of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), made the accusations in the following Facebook post:

Haidri notes,

“The CAIR Sexism Documentation Project currently has 35 members, mostly women, who share their experiences of facing discrimination, and other abuses, by the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization.

“Chapters are very capable of standing up for justice, but they look the other way and do nothing when their national leaders are the perpetrators of injustice.”

In other posts, Haidri speaks of being “unmosqued,” which includes feeling alienated from her usual mosque because of having to encounter antagonistic CAIR personalities in her place of worship.

CAIR describes itself as “America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group,” but in 2007, the U.S. government labeled CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation for financing the Hamas terrorist group.

In November 2014, CAIR was designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates along with a host of other Muslim Brotherhood entities.

CAIR was listed among “individuals/entities who are/were members of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee and/or its organizations.” The Palestine Committee is a secret body set up to advance the Brotherhood/Hamas agenda.

The FBI subsequently severed official contacts with the group, saying it “does not view CAIR as an appropriate liaison partner.”

Yet members of Congress – either ignorantly or intentionally  — continue to endorse CAIR (of note is the fact that the list of these members has apparently not been published).

Yet, does this Islamist organization represent American Muslims and should members of Congres by endorsing it?

Clarion’s National Correspondent Shireen Qudosi recently spoke with Our House NYC founder Oz Sultan, who discussed the need for American Muslims to develop more forward-thinking organizations that could:

  1. Cater to the issues of millennials and Generation Z
  2. Empower new American Muslim leadership
  3. Move past the politicization of faith and re-orient to themes of community
  4. Bring American Muslims out of their respective silos to support a more broad-based community initiative

While American Muslims deserve an organization that ensures their civil liberties are protected, they don’t deserve CAIR with its Islamist ideology and discriminatory practices. Members of Congress have no business writing letters in support of this organization.

 Please join us in our campaign to get CAIR to disclose the list.

Please write to CAIR and ask them to publish the list.

You can copy and paste our letter below and send it to CAIR by clicking here. This link takes you to CAIR’s home page. At the bottom of the page, there is a place to write CAIR a message. CAIR states its goal is to reply within 24-48 hours.

Dear CAIR,

You recently claimed that  120+ members of Congress sent letters to you welcoming your upcoming 25th anniversary gala in Washington, D.C.

Can you please send me a list of those Congress people?


Tell us us if you get a response by clicking Contact Clarion Project.




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