Meet the Woman Who ‘Tested’ Honor Killers & Other Extremists

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(Illustrative photo: Pixabay)
(Illustrative photo: Pixabay)

Meet Rachael Bell, a forensic psychologist who sat across from honor killers in therapy sessions to determine whether these extremist men could shed their extremist beliefs. In the third episode of Clarion Project’s Endeavor Against Extremism podcast, we bring you a fascinating one-on-one conversation with Bell.

Join us with Bell to learn about:

  • Rachael’s experience working in Rotterdam, offering therapy to Muslims extremists classified as “honor killers.”
  • What did she do to “test” them? [At 13 minutes 40 seconds]
  • “They would rather stick to their belief system than be free.”
  • How do we build programs to empower youth and deal with some of these issues from the bottom up?
  • Genetic predispositions to psychosis, exploring the question of nature vs. nurture.
  • How do we use science to dissuade people from joining extremist organizations? A look at tangible solutions that lead with psychology.
  • What are the red flags that parents, teachers and counselors should watch out for?
  • How can you treat people with extremist behavior? Does that change if it’s a cult or gang?
  • Acculturation vs. assimilation: Programs that can create pathways for belonging.
  • Why the West needs to educate itself on what’s coming in from vulnerable migrant communities just as much as they might expect those communities to understand Western law and culture.
  • Why did a popular liberal media outlet look the other way on female militants and child militants?

Rachael Bell has worked as a forensic psychologist for over 25 years. She owns a private counseling practice and a podcast series called True Crimes Podcast. Bell has taught in the U.S. and in two universities in the Netherlands covering a range of subjects from forensic psychology, personality theories, research and criminal psychology. She has a double Masters in health psychology and clinical psychology, with a focus in forensics.

The podcast event with Bell was generously hosted by Georgene Brazer.



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