The seal of the City of Warren. (Image: Wiki Commons / Donald G. Lietzau - http://www.cidoc.net/002866.html)
State: Michigan

Address: Warren, MI 48091

Website: http://www.icwweb.org/

Masjid al-Fath Islamic Center of Warren has a stated goal is to “promote interfaith activities to build bridges of understanding among diverse faiths.” The Islamic Center is one of Muslim Ummah of North America’s (MUNA) masjid based community projects in Michigan [1].


MUNA is a founding member of the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a coalition made up, largely, of U.S. Muslim Brotherhood proxies formed in 2014 so they can operate as a single body [2].



[1] “About ICW,” Masjid al-Fath Islamic Center of Warren website, http://www.icwweb.org/#about (Accessed June 7, 2018)

[2] Press Release, “U.S. Muslim Groups to Launch New Council with Political Census,” March 10, 2014, https://www.cair.com/us_muslim_groups_to_launch_new_council_with_political_census


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