Mainstreaming Barbarity: 5 Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Islamic migration imposes costs on citizens far beyond just the occasional terrorist attack, and we cannot afford to brush the many smaller incidences of Islamic intolerance and violence under the rug. Here are a few stories you might have missed:

  1. A 24-year-old Muslim man from Saudi Arabia walked into a Muncie, Indiana Goodwill store last week shouting “Allah Akbar” in a fit of rage, attempting to strangle a female employee and threatening to kill her if she did not convert to Islam.
  2. Four men accused of homosexuality were pushed off a roof in Libya, according to the punishment set out in sharia law.
  3. Human rights activist and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who underwent the torturous and inhumane practice of female genital mutilation at the age of five, was forced to cancel her speaking tour of Australia due to death threats and other security concerns. Her outspoken criticism of Islam — sharia law, the burka, and other radical Islamic practices has made her the subject of deep disdain by the mainstream Left and Islamists alike.

    Ali is the executive producer of Clarion Project’s award-winning film Honor Diaries.

  4. No less than nine “refugees” are on trial in Vienna, Austria for the 2015 gang rape of a 28-year-old German teacher. The woman, identified as Sabine K., had been visiting a friend in Austria’s capital to celebrate the New Year and was under the influence of alcohol when she was taken away and brutally raped for hours.
  5. In Montana, Democrats are opposing a bill that would ban the use of foreign law. Their concern was that the law unfairly targeted Muslims, who might wish to abide by sharia law rather than U.S. law—once again making concessions for and granting special status to Muslims in the Western world.

    Such measures would potentially grant protection to many barbaric practices including honor killings, the enslavement of non-Muslims and incitement to jihad, all under the cheap guise of religious freedom.



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