This Woman Will Melt Your Heart

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Lisa Miara has dedicated her life to saving the Yazidi children and women who were victims of the ISIS genocide of their people beginning five years ago in Iraq.

Lisa works hands-on through her Springs of Hope Foundation. She is based in the Shariya refugee camp in Iraq, where 20,000 Yazidi survivors are currently living. There are currently 24 camps spread across the Kurdish region of Iraq that shelter mainly Yazidis. The Shariya camp is the largest.

Lisa Miara is an incredible woman. After her son was nearly lynched to death during the Arab uprising in Israel and then narrowly escaped a second terror attack in Jerusalem, she created an organization to help others.

Taking the skills she learned treating those suffering form post traumatic stress in Israel, she now dedicates her life to the total rehabilitation of the Yazidis. Her organization, which operates in Iraq is no band-aid, but rather carries survivors through the long-term process of reintegration into life, from elementary school through college and beyond.

A witness to both destruction and hope, Lisa Miara’s strength, commitment and dedication will melt your heart. Clarion Project was honored to have the privilege to catch up with Lisa for this fascinating interview:



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