Why Liberal Muslims Support Conservative Parties

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Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau prays at the Jamea Masjid mosque in Surrey, British Columbia two years before he was elected. Trudeau has pandered to Islamists since he was elected.
Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau prays at the Jamea Masjid mosque in Surrey, British Columbia two years before he was elected. Trudeau has pandered to Islamists since he was elected. (Photo: video screenshot)

There was a time when liberal Muslims in the West were mainly aligned with liberal parties.

But while seeing mass Islamic ghettos in the West during the past two decades, liberal parties started aligning themselves with traditional mosque establishments and Islamic centers of the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami for the sake of their vote banks.

That was the turning point for left-leaning liberal Muslims, and when they started looking for their options.

Liberal Muslims can’t get along with left or liberal parties that support sharia laws, motions or laws about so-called Islamophobia, niqab or veil advocacy, Islamic banking, prayer rooms in public schools and Islamic ghettoization.

Now, liberal parties all across Western countries support the veil, niqabs and burkas of few Muslim women in the name of the Charter of Freedom. Liberal Muslims argue that these items do not represent a dress code; rather, they are masks over the dress.

How could one accept concealing identity tactics in the name of the Charter of Freedoms?

But from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Labour Party leadership in Britian, liberal parties are endorsing women’s face covering inequality in the name of equality.

The Western world separated religion and politics long ago, but when it comes to Islamic communities, the two get mixed in the name of religious rights.

However, liberals don’t know that burkas and veils are not subscribed in Islam, either. The greatest proof is that Muslim women are not allowed to wear such face masks during Islam’s most holy Hajj pilgrimage.

Islamophobia is a new term that liberal parties and traditional Islamic organizations are in love with.

Islamophobia is generally defined as a dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force. Traditional Islamic centers created this term and spread it around through their actions.

What were those actions? Not denouncing armed jihad against those Western societies where they are abode now and not calling a spade a spade in cases of honor killings, the Taliban and ISIS attacks on Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world, as well as Al Qaeda’s and ISIS’ sectarian war against minorities in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

So when liberal Muslims didn’t find voice and support from liberal parties for their communities’ freedom of expression, gender equality, condemnation of honor killing and sharia values, they started disassociating themselves from those liberal parties.

On the other hand, conservative parties support freedom of expression, gender equality and burka bans despite threats from traditional Islamic circles that they will lose their votes.

Conservative parties take the challenge and fight for these principles. The association of liberal Muslims with conservative parties stands on these values.

Liberal Muslims left their countries due to fears of, bullying by and harassment from Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami groups. Unfortunately, these monsters are chasing them in the West with even more power.

As just one example, I will cite my own personal experience:

I moved to Canada in 1999 and started publishing a weekly magazine. At first, I became close to the NDP due to their leftist ideas. But I couldn’t put my lot in with the NDP because of the number of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood supporters who were quite active in the party.

I then got closer to the Liberal Party of Canada.

In 2001, I received death threats after exercising my freedom of expression. The Liberal government of the time, as well as law enforcement agencies and the media, protected me with all their means.

I loved my country, Canada. I loved the Liberal Party.

Yet in 2016-17, I was threatened and harassed by Liberal Party MPs. Suddenly, the media didn’t want to discuss it, and law enforcement agencies and politicians avoided it.

However, I still love Canada.

I still have strong hope that we can save Canada and the West from political correctness, if not by politicians, by fellow citizens for sure.

Let me elaborate one more reality that I am least concerned about that many seem to be upset about: imported imams.

I am not so concerned about imported imams because I know where they come from.

What I am more concerned about is the Muslim leadership that grew up in the West and appears in modern attire. They are the ones who are furthering the Islamists agenda and engaging in Western politics as well.

I am not targeting the Liberals or any party. I am only saying with a heavy heart that our secular and liberal democracy is crumbling due to lack of political vision in parties and media.

Even Conservative parties in the West are now being infiltrated by Islamists.

Liberal Muslims like myself have been fighting violent Islamist ideology for a long now. And we have gone through many phases to deal it.

We strongly feel that our democracies and democratic values should not be crumbling due to perceived “vote banks.”



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Tahir Gora

Tahir Gora is a Pakistani and the Director of the Canadian Thinkers’ Forum, a member of the Coalition of Progressive Muslim Canadian Organizations.

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