Poll: Politicians Must Tell the Truth, No Matter the Consequences

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Woman with lips sewn shut (Image: Pixabay)
(Image: Pixabay)

A massive proportion of participants in Clarion’s latest poll believe politicians must tell the truth, even if that forces them to resign. You voted by an overwhelming 97.5 percent that this must be the course of action, while the remaining 2.5% said public officials should be extra careful not to offend or judge groups as a whole.

We created the poll after a number of recent cases both in the U.S. and the UK that brought into sharp focus the question of drawing the line between free speech and bigotry.

Here are some of your comments:

To fail to address truth is to act unjustly. Injustice is very a serious matter. Offending groups is merely impolitic.

When did it become Forbidden to say, “The Emperor Has No Clothes”?

It’s not bigotry. It’s truth. And many people are scared to death of the latter.

Political correctness is a degenerative cancer that must be eradicated; it’s destroying free speech and is a significant threat to the First Amendment in the United States.

In Western Societies there is an urgent need for truth to be spoken out strongly and clearly, and esp. by those who are in authority. Let’s be clear they should represent the population and not just their own so called political correct ideas. Let justice prevail. What’s wrong is wrong and need to be dealt with rightly, swiftly and accordingly.

Truth matters. It can be spoken with politeness but must be spoken. If ethnicity and culture are part of the problem then they need to be discussed. Evil is done in the dark, so bring some light.

Freedom of speech is paramount. We need to standby and support those who wish to express themselves no matter how odious or malfeasant it may be. It is up to us, the general public then to enter into debate and show the error of the ir ways, or to standby and say “Yes” PC is harming our duties to protect children.

It is high time to stand up for truth!

A day of reckoning is coming to America in our supreme court whereby truth is allowed to stand unscathed or it is trampled in fear of retribution.

Labels of hate speech, bias, racist, etc. should not deter truth from being spoken. The first question to ask is….. is what is being said truthful. A question never asked by pundits.

It’s time the invidious country destroying PC was discarded in the dustbin of history and a bit of old fashioned truth and logic prevail before Western civilization is replaced by something much less civil.



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