Latest Issue of ISIS Rumiyah Magazine Released

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The second issue of the Islamic State’s new propaganda magazine Rumiyah has recently been released. The magazine is a shorter version of their previous magazine Dabiq and is published in a variety of languages including English, Russian and French.

The magazine is part of the group’s sophisticated propaganda efforts to disseminate their message around the world in as many languages as possible using the internet. It is distributed via twitter and blogs that they themselves operate.

One articles explains how to carry out a terrorist attack for the benefit of the group’s supporters abroad and goes into some detail in a piece called “Just Terror Tactics.”

This issue focuses on operations outside of the group’s heartland in Iraq and Syria. Instead it includes a “Message from East Africa,” gloating about recent attacks in Kenya, and a lengthy debriefing on the July attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, Bangladesh that killed 20 people, including an American citizen.

Other articles continue with the Islamic State’s traditional themes of slaughtering the unbelievers and submitting to their self-proclaimed caliphate.

The first issue of the Islamic State’s propaganda magazine Rumiyah focused on the group’s concept of monotheism, explaining why they regard any deviation from their strict code as not mere disagreement but as idolatry. The magazine argues that any involvement in secular systems is a betrayal of Islam punishable by death.

It also features an interview with the “amir” of ISIS’ Central Office for Investigating Grievances about the group’s attempt to bring “justice” to the lands they control. This is an attempt to portray the group as sincerely concerned with law and order and with providing those under its rule an avenue to appeal to the Islamic State for redress should citizens be mistreated by their soldiers.

The magazine then goes on to praise the delights of paradise and includes a regular feature from the previous Dabiq magazine, “Among the Believers are Men.”

The relentless output of propaganda by the Islamic State and its focus on reaching every corner of the globe with its message is a critical part of the Islamic State's strategy. They want to dominate Islam by controlling the narrative of what Islam is and provoking the West into a backlash against Muslims, thus driving them to look to the Islamic State as protectors.

By understanding what they are really saying and what they really want we will be better equipped to deconstruct their narrative and ultimately defeat not just ISIS but radical Islam in general.  


See every issue of the Islamic State’s propaganda magazines Dabiq and Rumiyah on Clarion Project.  


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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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