ISIS Texts Kuwaiti Women: We Will Capture You

A group of women in Kuwait received threatening text messages purported to be from the Islamic State, marking them as targets for captivity and calling on them “to choose the jihad fi-sabil-allah and shahada (Jihad for the sake of God and martydom).”

Once the security services tracked the numbers, they were shown to have originated in Jordan. Security sources said the security agencies began tracking the phone owners in order to take the necessary measures in accordance with the local and foreign authorities.

One of the messages, which has since been shared on social media, read: “Peace be upon you O sister, praise the Lord how lucky you are! You have been chosen from our files to become one of our captives in ISIS and we shall get to you very soon.” It added, “We greet you in the jihad fi-sibil-lilah you will die as a shaheeda inshallah and we shall find you within 24 hours.”

The message caused much distress among Kuwaiti women and activists on Twitter, who demanded the security authorities put an end to these threatening messages.

They called on the government’s electronic crimes department to capture those responsible and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.  

Security forces are also investigating pro-ISIS graffiti on the fence of an electric transformer near the area of Rarnata. It said, “You have the freedom of speech and we have the freedom to bomb.” Increased police patrols have been ordered to protect public safety.

Kuwaiti security agencie continued to investigate the bombing of a Shiite mosque by the Islamic State, which killed 27 people at the end of June. Kuwait arrested 25 people in connection with the bombing.

Saudi newspaper al-Wiyam reported, “The Saudi security authorities informed the Kuwaiti State Security Agency a month ago that two Saudis belonging to ISIS had entered Kuwait and the security agencies are looking for them. Their entry was not recorded in the border records of entry and exit to Kuwait, but was recorded on the Saudi side.”

The Saudi newspaper also announced the arrest of a five-person Islamic State cell in an ambush near the international airport of Kuwait. “The first investigations showed the cell members are involved in state security issues and have connections with extreme organizations. The Kuwaiti State Security Agency put 17 people on the wanted list who had illegally entered Kuwait, after investigations proved they belonged to ISIS.”

The Al-Arabiya TV channel said in its report, “The investigation led to the discovery of a far larger cell than was originally supposed.” It added that “the six women who are accused of participating in the plot and hiding the cell members are: four Kuwaitis, one of unknown citizenship and one Pakistani. They destroyed evidence including phones, videos of the mosque before the explosion and showing suicide bombers putting on their vests.”  

Although it is now a victim of Islamist terrorism, Kuwait has facilitated such terror in the past.

In April, Treasury Department Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, David Cohen, said, “Our ally Kuwait has become the epicenter of fundraising for terrorist groups in Syria.”

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