Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood Head: Erase All Jews

A Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood leader has called on every mother in the Muslim world to "nurse her children on hatred for the sons of Zion" in order that "a new generation will erase them from the face of the earth" (see video below).

Tareq al-Suwaidan said in a televised speech of the Jews: "We hate them and they are our enemies." He used the term "children of Israel" to describe the Jews, a term normally used in Jewish biblical sources and by Jews to describe themselves.

Al-Suwaidan mockingly compared Jewish desire for life with Hamas' love for death. He said, "We are not afraid of Martyrdom. Not long ago, you cried out loud: 'Death for Allah is our most exalted wish!' (Muslim Brotherhood slogan) You received the death you wanted. We have no problem with death. We are not like the children of Israel: 'And you will surely find them the most greedy of people for life.' (Quran) Whereas we yearn for death and Martyrdom."

The speech was originally broadcast on Kuwaiti TV in mid-July, but was rebroadcast on the Hamas TV network Al-Aqsa TV.

Similar statements have been made on Al-Aqsa TV and other Muslim Brotherhood channels in the past.

The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt, has branches across the Muslim World and in the West. Hamas is a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate.

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