King of Morocco Calls on Expatriates to Reject Extremism

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The king of Morocco has directly appealed to the country’s five million expatriates to reject extremism, according to the Times of Israel.

His Majesty Mohammed VI called on Moroccans abroad to present a “united front against extremism” and to “defend peace, harmony and unity in their respective countries of residence.”

“We strongly condemn the murder of innocents, ” he said, describing the murder of a priest at the altar of his own church in France “unforgivable.”

Terrorists who kill in the name of Islam,” he declaimed “are condemned to eternal hell.”

“They are exploiting some young Muslims, particularly in Europe, exploiting their ignorance of Arabic and true Islam to relay their messages and false promises.”

The king of Morocco is constitutionally the highest religious authority in the country, as well as the head of state and supreme commander of the armed forces. In 2011, the king instituted reforms to make the country into more of a constitutional monarchy, although he retained broad powers for himself.

Mohammed VI is personally very popular in his country.

Morocco has largely avoided the turmoil seen in other countries in the Middle East and North Africa in recent years. 

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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org