‘Killing My First Jew’: California Man Sentenced

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(Illustrative photo: Unsplash)
(Illustrative photo: Unsplash)

A California man found with instructions for “Killing my first Jew” and a hit list of prominent Jews pleaded guilty to an anti-Semitic plot against three congregations in Orange County.

Nicholas Wesley Rose, 28, was convicted May 31, 2019 for carrying a loaded unregistered firearm and on three civil rights counts for threatening the houses of worship.

Rose’s parents contacted the police in 2018 after they heard him express his desire to “get a gun and kill some Jews.” He drafted a list of Jews and both threatened and visited a synagogue in Orange County that he wanted to attack. Rose also threatened and visited two churches in Irvine and Lake Forest that had expressed sympathies for the Jewish community.

He was sentenced to 825 days in the Orange County Jail, one year in residential mental health treatment program and five years’ probation.

Police found white supremacist and anti-Jewish writings in his apartment which included a list of steps entitled “Killing my first Jew.” They also discovered hundreds of rounds of .22-caliber ammunition, a shovel and a sleeping bag in his car.

Investigators say Rose conducted comprehensive internet searches of white supremacy ideology, anti-Semitism and the effective range of a silenced .22-caliber long-range rifle.

In other news, a Catholic bishop of Brooklyn is under attack from a group of interfaith activists and community leaders for banning two outspoken anti-Semitic Polish activists from speaking at church events in Greenpoint and Borough Park.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio cancelled the events once he learned of the speakers’ identities, but protesters are claiming that it is bad for fostering a “healthy relationship with our interfaith neighbors.”

Ewa Kurek, the first activist, is an historian who alleges that Jews were complicit in the Nazi occupation of Poland, and the second, Robert Winnicki, is a member of the Polish parliament and known for his  antisemitic rhetoric and support for Iran.


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