‘Kill Me Now, I Have to Be in Heaven by Four’

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An ISIS prisoner captured by the Peshmerga near Mosul demanded to be executed immediately since he had to be in heaven by 4pm.

He informed his captors the day of his capture was the Muslim festival of Isra and Mi’iraj, which celebrates the famous night journey of the founder of Islam Muhammed to Jerusalem and his temporary ascension to heaven to receive instruction from Allah. The fighter claimed he wanted to attend a commemoration ceremony for this event in heaven, which he said would start at 4pm.

One of the fighters of the Peshmerga who was assigned to the prisoner said the armed man told him “Don’t take care of me, you are an infidel.”

A lieutenant-colonel in the forces of the Peshmerga, Salim al-Surji, bandaged the wounds of the prisoner. He spoke to Rudaw media after a battle at Telskuf in which several Peshmerga fighters were killed.

“While I was filming the ISIS men on my phone” Surji said, “I saw that one of them was moving his ankle. So that’s when I put my hand on his chest and found that he was breathing. He was also conscious and talking. His explosive belt had not detonated and he was hurt in his ankle due to the explosion of one of his comrades. He was unable to walk. He told me ‘you are infidels, kill me.’”

Al-Surji didn’t listen to him and bandaged his ankle.

“While I was bandaging his wound I asked him where he was from and he said he’s from Samarra (a city in Iraq) and that he came to fight here with 50 other armed men. They were supposed to commit suicide using their suicide belts because today is the anniversary of the Isra and Mi’iraj celebration. He told me ‘all of us must be in heaven by 4pm, kill me.’”

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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org