Kids: Chasing Paradise — Watch the New Trailer

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Watch the new trailer for Clarion’s upcoming film, Kids: Chasing Paradise. The film focuses on the radicalization of kids worldwide for the cause of jihad:

All children have the right to a peaceful upbringing in an environment in which their childhood is celebrated and protected. But today, radical regimes and organizations systematically indoctrinate the next generation of kids to embrace violence and hatred.

This radicalization is happening at home, in the United States. Extremists use technology, such as social media, to reach a broader audience and lure Western teenagers into joining terrorist organizations.

Radicalization is a complex process that works through a combination of “push” and “pull” factors. These factors alienate a person from their environment and pull them into a new mindset. We can protect the most vulnerable population — children and youth — from a sinister radicalization process.

Kids: Chasing Paradise is Clarion’s latest and soon-to-be-released powerful film that takes an unflinching look at the brutal exploitation of youth by Islamist extremists worldwide. The documentary features compelling personal stories of children, who are actively influenced by extremists, and their families, and showcases activists and experts who confront this growing global threat.

Find out what you can do to Prevent Violent Extremism by clicking here.




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