Kenya: Christian Badly Beaten by Muslim Relatives for His Faith

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A Christian man was set upon and severely beaten by his Muslim relatives outside Nairobi in Kenya after they received a tip off that he was holding secret Church services in his home, according to Morningstar News.

Hassan, 26, who was raised as a Christian from childhood, reported being attacked by his uncles while walking to church with his 15-year-old brother.  

“They hit me with a blunt object, and I fell down bleeding,” Hassan said. “Then they stepped on my stomach, and while I was struggling, another hit me on my head [with the blunt object]. I was not able to know what happened after that point. I just woke up to find my mother screaming for help.”

His Somali Muslim relatives believe he is a Muslim and therefore is committing apostasy by carrying out acts of Christian worship.

He spoke to Morningstar News from his hospital bed. He suffered severe injuries and cannot eat or sit up unaided.

Hassan’s brother, who escaped the assault, said one of their attackers told Hassan “You have been deceiving us that you have been having a ‘family meeting’ – we have found out that you have been conducting Christian activities, which is against of our family tradition of being a Muslim family.”

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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org