Karbala Islamic Education Center

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Flag of Wayne County (Image: Wiki Commons / County of Wayne)
State: Michigan

Address: Dearborn, MI 48126

Website: N/A

The Karbala Islamic Education Center, founded in 1995 by Imam Husham Al-Hussainy, is located in Dearborn, Michigan [1].  It has been described as “a hub for Lebanese and Iraqi immigrants.” [2] The Karbala Center conducts activities with nearby mosques, including the Islamic Center of America and the Islamic Institute of Knowledge [3].

The mosque has been involved numerous anti-extremism and interfaith events [4]. In 2007, al-Husainy was questioned about appearing at rallies that supported Hezbollah [5]. When asked in a television interview if he believed Hezbollah (which means “party of God”) was a terrorist organization, he responded, “No.”  He then expounded, “There is a biblical meaning of Hezbollah. It is in Judaism and Christianity and Islam meaning people of God.” At the end of he interview he stated, “You know what Hezbollah means. I support the people of God.” [6]

In 2015, the Karbalaa Center posted a video to their Facebook page featuring al-Hussainy condemning Saudi attacks on Yemen, describing (in Arabic) Saudi actions as terrorism and claiming they are “agents of the Jews.” [7]

Al-Hussainy spoke to a crowd in Baghdad affiliated with the group Saraya Ashura [8]. Saraya Ashura is a Shiite militant group in Iraq that received training from Iran [9]. In February, he posted a picture of the Iranian Islamic revolution’s leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and praised the revolution [10].



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