Justin Trudeau’s ‘Naïve and Romantic Fantasies’

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Candaian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Photo: Neil Hall - Pool/Getty Images)
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Photo: Neil Hall – Pool/Getty Images)

A Canadian writer originally from Egypt lamented Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s ‘naïve and romantic fantasies’ about Islamists.

In an interview (see first video below), Said Shoaib said Western politicians, including Trudeau, have no idea what is being taught in mosques and Islamic schools throughout the West.

A case in point is the philosophy of the leader of the Islamic Party of Ontario, Jawed Anwar, who called public schools in Canada “spiritual slaughterhouses for our children.” (See the second video below.)

Shoaib says the situation in Canada is so bad “normal Muslims” – either those born in the West or those who have immigrated – are being offered no alternative form of Islam to the one offered by Islamists.

“They talk, for example, about the greatness of the Islamic caliphate. Does this constitute terrorism?” Shoaib asks. “It does. The [Westerners] do not realize that this is terrorism. When you embrace the notion of a colonialist Islam that raids nations, takes them over and controls them – you are a terrorist. You are an unarmed terrorist, until the opportunity presents itself…”

One such opportunity presented itself to a young Canadian doctor, who was recently featured in an ISIS video in Somalia. The doctor urges others to come and join ISIS in video footage shot before he was “martyred.”

Shoaib notes how he sent his books to a new library that had just opened up in Canada. The books were against political Islam and were rejected by the library.

“They told me that my books are in violation of Canadian values,” Shoaib says.

“These values welcomes violent Islam but reject criticism of political Islam?” asks his interviewer, German-Egyptian political scientist, author and anti-Islamist Muslim Hamed Abdel-Samad.

Shoaib explains the books “stand against people who hate Canada and want to destroy it. These people have stated that this is their intention. They even said so in books that this library approved, can you believe that?”

Watch the clip as translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) and see what Shoaib says will become of Canadian society with these attitudes:

Shoaib’s case is made by Jawed Anwar, the leader of the Islamic Party of Ontario, in the following short clip:

Watch this short clip from a recent ISIS video that featured a Canadian doctor who left Canada to join the terror group in Somalia:



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