Just When You Thought ISIS Couldn’t Do Anything Worse

ISIS cut out a man’s heart and ate it while he was still alive, as well as executing seven people it accused of spying for the regime with a bulldozer.

Sources in the Kirkuk province who requested anonymity spoke to Al  Sumariya News on Sunday relating the latest horrors perpetrated by Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL).

“Islamic State [ISIS/ISIL] used a bulldozer to execute seven people that were charged with contacting government forces. The bulldozer ran them over while they were alive. Among the people who were executed were people who belonged to the Iraqi security forces,” the source said.

In a separate incident, the source told how “one ISIS fighter cut out a man’s heart and ate it while the man was still alive. The man was charged with contacting government forces. ISIS executed the prisoners at the air force base in Bakara near the Al Hawija district located 55 kilometers southwest of Kirkuk and took photos of it.”

Since gaining control of Al Hawija in June 2014, ISIS has executed dozens of residents of the district for various “crimes.” The most common offense is cooperating with Iraqi security forces.