Jihadists Planned to Slaughter Tourists on Venice’s Rialto Bridge


Venice’s famous Rialto Bridge (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Saffron Blaze)

Authorities in Italy broke up a jihadist cell that was preparing to attack Venice’s Rialto Bridge, The Telegraph reported.  The individuals, who were recorded in phone calls celebrating last week’s attacks in London, had hoped to kill tourists.

As terrorist attacks become ever more frequent in the Western world, we have become, and indeed are encouraged, by our media and leaders to remain unmoved by the acts of extreme violence disfiguring our societies. In reality, it is neither an act of defiance nor triumph to go on with normal life in the aftermath of an attack—people all over the world lead lives in places where gruesome unrest is the norm.

Rather, it is a mark of the failure of the multiculturalist experiment, and a reminder that we, as Western people, must seriously reconsider what type of society we wish to live in going forward.

Slaughtered tourists as well friends, colleagues and fellow citizens disfigured by the occasional stabbing or car bomb is neither normal nor acceptable. To become immune to terrorism is to admit defeat. We, as Americans and Western people in general, must be vigilant but not accepting of such violence.

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